About us

professional, adjective (pro·fes·sion·al / prə-ˈfesh-nəl): characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession; exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace

In an age of "adulting", in a world of millennials and eternal teens, we've found that it's important to be professional wherever and whenever you can - even when you're simply a professional mess. Believe us, we know how you feel. Want to set your local public transit on fire? We've been there. Gone to a week's worth of gigs and forgot to get groceries again? Crackers for dinner it is. Another blind date with the same misogynistic jerk? Repeat after us: No. New. Mikes. Tired of being underestimated on your commitment to internet culture? Same, tbh.


If you enthusiastically nodded your head to any of the above statements, or know that deep down, you are on brand and you don't want the world to forget it, Professional Mess has the accoutrement you need to proclaim it to the world. Created by people just like you, we're a brand that is comfortable with our ridiculous lives and culture and are here to celebrate it... so celebrate it with us. We'll bring the drinks.


The Women Behind Professional Mess:

Adrienne, Heather, Jessica, and Kaity met as many badass punk women do in the northeast - through music. After years of attending all the same shows in all the weirdest places (we see you, creepy renovated movie theatre venue in Erie, PA / every Kevin Devine show on the eastern seaboard), these ladies bonded together and formed a cherished friendship. After constantly riffing on a number of topics, and periodically complaining that they weren't finding their exact brand of snarky commentary on life in the world of pins - their statement accessory of choice - they created Professional Mess in 2016. Because of course, while well liked in their own professions and communities, that's exactly what they are.